Words & Music by Lazywall

Behind closed blinds, we can't be seen
Locked in our souls we just worship our zeal
We're running away on this rocking horse
Stuck in the middle of fearmonger's call

Overprepare, then go with the flow
Breathe out the secrets we know

We never been so far away
We can't carry on looking for something better
We justify what wrong or right
We learn to compete for what we share together

We hide in the blind spot of Scarcity ville
Burdens of worries from bundles of filth
Sorry if I start to bleed when you bleed
Just like a mirror, we get but don't keep

Blood in our hands, our minds become clear
Follow our fathers from here


Where do we go? When do we stop?
We live in a trench, and we call it home
Can we go back where we belong?
Stuck in these walls, my trap is my soul

What have we done to lose all this bliss
When all we build is removed with a sneeze