Words by Lazywall & Hatim Bouziane
Music by Lazywall

I wish you've found the one
I wish you've found true love this time
I wish he's not like me
I wish he cares enough
I wish he says the right words in time
I wish he betters me
I wish he is not like me

Cuz here, it's cold on the otherside
I can't close my eyes and let you go too far
It's cold beyond your sun
I know someday, somewhere, I'll see you again

I hope he colours your greys
I hope he loves you in different ways
I hope he's not the same
I hope he understands
I hope he knows how to ease your pain
I hope he treats you well
I hope he's not the same


إذا كان فيه شي ما شفت،
إذا كنت أنا غلطت،
قلي واش نلقاك،
إذا هو صفحة و تطوات،
قلي واش نلقاك،
قلي واش نلقاك

But what if I'm wrong, what if he's not
I will be standing still in here
But what if he's just another mistake
I will be standing still in here
Waiting on my own