Words & Music by Lazywall

All the roses are in bloom
All the cherries come too soon
In this world all consumed
Abused by the suns of June
Analyze, no surprise
Avoiding to search for honey and gold in your eyes
Alienized, noble prize
Roaming around the room with no sign of a dream

No visions in my head
No treasures to confuse
No castle to my heirs
To sacrifice their muse
Use my chains or use my fame
And then celebrate my death
To consolidate my name
Cuz I signed it blood on blood

Wish I was in disguise
No one will know I'm a lie
Every man was born free
But I am tied up to your seeds
Disappear, persevere
I promess in vain the wealth of the earth for a life
You desire no July
I’m bleeding again the tears with a sign of defeat



Mat 9oullich man 9oul
Mat 9oullich man chouf
Mat 9oullich man 7ess
Mat 9oullich man Ti9

I’m alive, opened eye
No one will know It’s a lie
Alibies, fake goodbyes
No one will know it’s a lie
Now I’m weak, misbelieved
Roaming around, I’m roaming around with no dream
Breaking down, nursing hell
Roaming around the room with no sign of a dream